Q) What are the crystals used on these clutches? Are these original Swarovski Crystals?
A) All Midas clutches are encrusted with 100% original Swarovski or Preciosa crystals. (Preciosa is a world-renowned crystal manufacturer and dealer and a leader in its field. In fact, Daniel Swarovski himself used to work for Preciosa before starting his own company). Although 90% of our crystals are Swarovski, we do use certain shades of Preciosa. But these are in no way inferior in quality to Swarovski.

Q) What is Special about our clutches? Why do they command the price they do?
A) Our Clutches are hand-stressed with Swarovski Crystal size 6, which is an extremely small crystal. It takes approximately 10500 crystals to completely encrust one of our medium sized clutches. Our products are thus very high in cost not just in terms of the materials procurement (crystals and clutch shells) but also in terms of labor costs. Individually hand placing these crystals is very taxing in terms of effort and time. It takes our extremely skilled craftsman an estimated 40 hours to stress one clutch completely. In addition, professional sketch artists work upon all our designed clutches before they enter the stressing stage.
All Crystal clutches available in the market, including those found in Swarovski it self-uses Swarovski Size 10 or 8. The exception is Judith Leiber of USA.

Q) Will the crystals fall out?
A) Yes. We cannot guarantee the crystals remaining intact forever. They are likely to fall out if things such as rings are grazed against them or a door corner or they are handled roughly. What we do guarantee is our service. We provide repairs free of cost if the client is willing to bear the shipping expenses.
Also, crystals falling out are a common phenomenon with all companies, including leading ones like Swarovski. Our crystal size is so small that if a couple fall out, they will not be so noticeable as to cause you distress.